Mind Exercise 1
Use this exercise as a way to calm your mind from obsessing on the scale
There has to be a certain amount of patience with the band. Just read some of the profiles out there. Most bandsters all go through a phase where where they wonder why they haven't dropped number weeks or even months after surgery pounds and they go on to beat themselves up for doing the surgery. Visit the "Success Stories" page and read some of the profiles. You may be surprised to find that many many bandsters have been where you are.

To help ease your mind of the anxiety you are feeling right now. Take a moment to do the following exercise:
  • Find some place quiet and peaceful
  • Have a notebook and pen handy.
  • Write down you goals for the next week. Everything that you can think of EXCEPT how much weight you want to see gone on the scale. Maybe start with something like "eat a fresh piece of fruit for breakfast everyday, find a friend to walk around the neighborhood with, tell my kids how much I love then everyday before school and bedtime, count my calories, fiber and protein intake, jot down every morsel of food that goes in my mouth, call my parents, look at the help wanted ads see if anything looks good."
  • When you are done with that start a list of your goals for the next Month that aren't on that list
  • The the next year not on the previous two lists.
  • Then tape it to your fridge. You will be very happy with yourself when you look back in a year and realize you met all of those goals which in turn lead you to lose weight . Not by counting a number but by focusing on everything BUT the number TO  attain the number.

     Pay no mind to the scale that's your doctors job, EVERYTHING else is up to you!

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