Mind Exercise 2
Use this exercise as a way to calm you mind from obsessing on the scale
  • Find a quiet place to reflect.
  • Have a notebook handy
  • Write down the three most cherished values to you, (such as harmony, autonomy, love, independence more listed below or come up with you own!)
  • Create three columns in you notebook. Then list under them where you find these values in your life

Do not be alarmed if you find you can't fill one or all the columns. You next step is to find out how to can make sure these three values are added to your life

  • Draw a line just under where you listed your current values
  • Start listing how you will add these values in your life starting today.

Here is an example:
Note in the example below that I have "Family Closeness" and "Altruism" filled in but not "Spirituality". Then in the new column showing what I plan to do to add these things I've added many to "Spirituality". Your list(s) will be a lot more detailed and longer. However I created these just as a quick example to help get you started.

Values Sample

My 3 most important values and lists of where I find them in my life now

Spirituality Family closeness Altruism
  I call my sister every week I volunteer once a month with the elderly center in my home town
  I send pictures to the whole family. And DVD's I donate my clothing and furniture to the Goodwill.
  I created and maintain a family website I offer free Internet training at the public library to all interested
  I go to dinner once a month with my Aunt and drop in on my other Aunt frequently. I've created a website for people seeking knowledge on Gastric Banding at no cost to anyone but me.
  I am planning a family reunion for the Summer of 2006. Since 2005 went so well ! I trained for and tried to run the Dublin, Ireland marathon this year. Raising $4000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

The steps I am going to take to add these values into my life starting to day

Spirituality Family closeness Altruism
Not allow outside influences warp or change my spiritual beliefs Call my brother every week  
Find time to reflect daily on what it takes for me to connect with my own sense of spirituality reach out to the older generation 1 person per week and show gratitude for having them in my life  
Spend more time near nature    
Meditate in silence 10 minutes every day at 3pm    


After reading this section, you will be able to:

  • Understand values and their importance in choosing a career
  • Identify and describe your personal, cultural, social, and work values

What are Values?

Values are ideals that guide or qualify your personal conduct, interaction with others, and involvement in your career. Like morals, they

  • help you to distinguish what is right from what is wrong and
  • inform you on how you can conduct your life in a meaningful way.

Values can be classified into four categories:

  • Personal Values
  • Cultural Values
  • Social Values
  • Work Values

Personal Values

Personal values are principles that define you as an individual. Personal values, such as honesty, reliability, and trust, determine how you will face the world and relate with people.

Cultural Values

Cultural values, like the practice of your faith and customs, are principles that sustain connections with your cultural roots. They help you feel connected to a larger community of people with similar backgrounds.

Social Values

Social values are principles that indicate how you relate meaningfully to others in social situations, including those involving family, friends, and co-workers.

Work Values

Work values are principles that guide your behavior in professional contexts. They define how you work and how you relate to your co-workers, bosses, and clients. They also reveal your potential for advancement.

The following table provides examples of each type of values.

Personal Values Cultural Values Social Values Work Values
Caring Celebration of Diversity Altruism Autonomy
Courage Ethnic roots Diversity Competitiveness
Creativity Faith Eco-consciousness Conscientiousness
Friendliness Linguistic ties Equality Dedication
Honesty National ties Fairness Equanimity/Ethics
Honor Regional ties Family closeness Loyalty
Independence Tradition Lovingness Professionalism
Integrity   Morality Punctuality
Spirituality   Reliability Remunerative worth
      Team player


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